How to use phpmailer

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Here I quickly get you up and running using the phpmailer code so you can start sending emails from your. Narayan shows you how to use PHPMailer – a dead simple email sending library for PHP. Send email from your local machine or an SMTP. This tutorial describes how to use PHPMailer. In this article, we’ll show you how you can use PHPMailer to to send email from within PHP. When sending email from PHPMailer, you will be. PHPMailer is one of the popular and easy to use email library for php. This solves the issue of production load and guarantee of email delivery.

Here’s an example of using PHPMailer to send through Mandrill (adapted from the PHPMailer examples): <? To use SMTP in your PHP code, I recommend using PHPMailer. This third-party library provides the settings and functions you need to send. Pretty way (from this link), first extend PHPMailer and set the defaults for your site : require("class.phpmailer.php"); class my_phpmailer extends. This tutorial explains how-to send messages via SMTP using the PHPMailer class and your GMail account. We’re going to look at a script that I use that is simple to use and edit without extensive PHP knowledge.

If you’re just starting out you may be wondering just.